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Sliding scale pricing is available now! If you can, $20 is much appreciated but I've added options down to $10 to make my lil book more accessible :).

Feel free to DM me on Instagram (@laurenprousky) to make a drop off plan if you'd prefer to meet in person over shopping online.

This new zine features three stories about unexpected performances in intimate settings. More images and excerpts are available at

Book is professionally bound with soft satin finish cover

"Mostly Arm Movements" is a glimpse into an unusual monthly get-together between three women.

"It Doesn't Care About The Pears" is a two-part tale of a loft party that takes a turn for the surreal.

Written as journal entries, "The Matinee", looks at one person's experience in the gig economy, helping to bring a client's mainstage dreams to life inside an apartment.